5 tips on how to look after your health in the summer

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5 tips on how to look after your health in the summer

Discover 5 useful tips on how to look after yourself in the summer heat.

The British summer is the butt of numerous jokes – the main one being that it simply doesn’t exist!

But on those rare occasions Britain experiences warm weather, it’s important that you take appropriate measures towards looking after your health.

So instead of flocking straight to the beer garden, or stripping off and sunning yourself in the garden for the afternoon, read these 5 tips on how to look after yourself in warm weather.

Drink plenty of water

Hot weather sparks the temptation to head straight to the beer garden or to stock the fridge with fizzy drinks. By all means enjoy a frosty beer or a refreshing soft drink – but it’s important to balance out your intake with water. Otherwise you risk becoming dehydrated which can lead to headaches, low blood pressure, and fever.

Sun-safe clothing

While the sun provides the health benefit of vitamin D for your skin, it’s crucial not to overexpose your skin to sunlight.

Consider covering up by wearing a hat that protects your neck, and long sleeved t-shirts and trousers to cover up your arms and legs. You can choose items made from light material to ensure your body doesn’t overheat so you remain cool.

Wear sunscreen

You won’t want to spend an entire day in the sunshine covered from head to toe. So when you do wish to indulge in a spot of sunbathing make sure you apply sufficient sunscreen beforehand.

If you tend to burn easy, then you might wish to wear sunscreen with a strong sun protection factor (SPF). SPFs are rated on a scale of 2-50+, so a sunscreen with 50+ offers the strongest form of ultraviolet B radiation protection.

Adequate eye protection

Sometimes it’s easy to spend time protecting your skin from the sun, only to forget about your eyes.

Too much exposure to UV light can damage your eyes and cause:

  • Eyelid cancers
  • Intraocular melanoma
  • Conjunctival cancers
  • Cataracts
  • Macular degeneration
  • Benign growths of the conjunctiva
  • Keratitis, or corneal sunburn

Protecting your eyes against harsh UV rays is simple – carry a pair of sunglasses with you whenever you’re out and about during sunny weather.

According to the NHS website, sunglasses with wraparound lenses or wide arms with the CE Mark and European Standard EN 1836:2005 provide you with adequate sun protection.

Try and limit your time in the sun

Wait a second…

It’s the UK, the sun is shining, and you’re reading advice telling you to limit your time in the sun?

While you want to make the most of an opportunity to soak up the warm weather, you should limit the time you spend in the sun – especially between the hours of 11am and 3pm where the sun is at its strongest. You can still go out early in the morning, or in the evening where the sun is weaker and the temperature is cooler.