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June 27, 2017
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July 17, 2017
Find out how personal accident insurance is an essential form of protection for you and your family through Karen’s story. Read more.

After picking their children up from school, most parents’ immediate thoughts turn to what’s next on their list: homework, tea, and bedtime.

That’s exactly what was going through Karen’s mind as she went to pick her daughter up one afternoon. But then this happened…

What happened to Karen’s daughter*

As Karen’s daughter raced around the playground with her friends, waiting for her mother to pick her up, she slipped and fractured her lower arm.

When Karen showed up it took her a while to stop the wailing and the tears. The last thing anyone wants is to see their child in pain.

But after her daughter was treated, she remembered she had taken out an APRIL UK Personal Accident Plan.

It was comforting to know her family was protected against unexpected accidents, particularly as she received a benefit amount of £375 for her daughter’s injury.

Get peace of mind today

Like Karen, you can get peace of mind for both you and your family thanks to the flexibility that our Personal Accident Plan offers.

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*Scenario is based on a genuine customer claim.  The injury sustained and claim paid out are true to the actual incident.