How to cover your rent if you can’t work

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March 27, 2017
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How to cover your rent if you can’t work

Discover how to keep up with your rent payments even if you can’t earn an income due to accident or sickness.

It’s a day every worker looks forward to…

Whenever it comes around – whether it’s weekly, fortnightly, or monthly – you’re left in a good mood for the rest of the day.

But for those who rent a property, the buzz that payday brings instantly evaporates when it’s time to pay the rent.

According to figures published by the English Housing Survey, private tenants spend an average of 47%* of their net income on rent. And it’s no surprise when, according to the same research body, the average rent for households in the private rental sector in 2015 was £179** per week.

It’s bad enough having to shell out such a staggering amount, particularly when you’ve worked so hard throughout the month. Yet just imagine the stress of not being able to pay your rent in the first place…

Could your savings protect you?

Did you know that 4 in 10 working-age people across the UK lack a buffer, with less than £100 in savings available to them at any time.***

Even if you’re part of the 60% that maintain a savings buffer, there’s no guarantee what you have stored away could cover your rent, let alone your additional monthly bills such as electricity and heating, groceries, travel expenses, social outings, and other lifestyle expenses. They can add up to a substantial amount.

Of course, no one likes to see their savings take an unnecessary hit. You’d rather have the money you worked so hard for available to spend on nice holidays, or a deposit for a house.

The good news is you’re about to discover a way to cover your bills if your income came to an unexpected halt. But before we reveal that, perhaps you’d like to know…

What might happen if you couldn’t pay your rent

Once you have signed a tenancy agreement between you and your landlord, you have a legal obligation to keep up your rental payments for the duration of the contract.

According to, your landlord can evict you if you fall behind with your rent.****

In an ideal world, landlords would be lenient and understanding if you were ever struck off work due to an accident or illness and couldn’t maintain your rent. But that’s a naive risk you shouldn’t have to take.

Instead, you can choose to protect your lifestyle with our Lifestyle Protector Plan.

How to protect your lifestyle during the hard times

The Lifestyle Protector pays you a monthly lump sum of up to £1,500 if you can’t work due to accident or sickness.

You can use the money to cover your household bills and lifestyle expenses. On top of that, your savings won’t have to take a hit in times of emergency.

The best part about the policy is that it’s designed to be affordable, as well as useful.

Premiums start from as little as £1.63 a week.*****

You can see just how affordable the plan is by getting an instant online quote today.