How to enjoy rugby without worrying about injuries

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How to enjoy rugby without worrying about injuries

Do you play rugby in your spare time? Have you ever worried about what would happen to your income if you suffered a lengthy injury? That’s where our Lifestyle Protector can help.

Everyone remembers Gavin Henson for the famous kick he landed to beat England in the 2005 Six Nations. It led to Wales’s first Grand Slam in 27 years.

But, and you’ll probably agree with this if you’re a rugby fan, he never lived up to his potential.

This is partly down to his off-field antics, but mainly due to an injury-hampered career.

Yet, credit where it’s due, he keeps coming back despite his injuries.

But you have to wonder whether he’d still be playing if he wasn’t a professional, and didn’t have easy access to physiotherapy and a first-rate medical team.

His hobby is his career, which means he hasn’t got a normal 9-5 job to worry about.

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How to enjoy rugby without having to worry about injury

Do you play rugby? Or are you involved in running your local club?

If so you’ve probably seen many players – with heaps of potential – quit the game because of an injury that kept them from working.

It’s a real shame. And it happens far too often.

That’s where our short-term income protection plan called the Lifestyle Protector can help.

You don’t have to be part of a rich European club to benefit from this

You can only imagine how much the top clubs like Toulon or Saracens spend on player welfare.

But the Lifestyle Protector won’t burn a hole in your wallet. Here’s an example of the monthly costs, based on an age of 18-30 and a waiting period of 14 days:

Monthly Benefit Amount Monthly cost
£800 £19.76
£1,000 £24.70
£1,250 £30.88
£1,500 £37.05

What’s more, some lifestyle protection plans won’t cover rugby. Our Lifestyle Protector does, which makes it an ideal form of protection for rugby players.

On top of that, it doesn’t exclude any occupations and it covers the self-employed.

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Forget about injuries and enjoy the game

Local clubs form the backbone of grassroots rugby.

And the players form the backbone of clubs. That’s why the Lifestyle Protector should be an essential consideration for any rugby player or club committee.

It gives players – particularly those who are self-employed – the confidence and reassurance to play the game without having to worry about getting injured.

You can get an instant quote for the Lifestyle Protector plan here.

Or, if you’re a club secretary or chairman, call us today on 0800 046 9781 to find out how we can help your players.