What is private medical insurance?

Private medical insurance gives you fast access to private healthcare.


Whether you need to see a consultant, have a diagnostic test or require a surgical procedure – having private health insurance means you won’t have to wait on the NHS waiting list.

Instead, you’ll be able to receive care at a private hospital, where you’ll benefit from high quality healthcare, carried out by experienced medical professionals in a clean and safe environment.

Private medical insurance is designed to put your health first and give you the medical care that you need without delay, so you can get on with the important things in life.

Why do I need private medical insurance?

If you started experiencing some medical symptoms, won’t you want it investigated straight away? And if it was diagnosed as a medical condition, won’t you want it treated immediately so you didn’t have to suffer further, or risk your condition getting worse and creating even more damage to your health?

No one likes to live with uncertainty hanging over them, particularly if it’s related to their health. This is where private medical insurance can help you. Most provide access to private GPs as well as fast access to diagnostic tests, advice from the best consultants and surgical procedures at private hospitals.

Private medical insurance puts you in control over when and where you receive your care.

Our comparison service

At Hive Insurance Services, we don’t just offer you one private medical insurance plan. Instead, we search a panel of leading insurers on your behalf, to find you the most competitive premium. To give you added peace of mind, our panel contains some of the biggest names in private health insurance, including the following:

  • AXA

  • Aviva

  • Vitality

  • PHC


"I'm so happy to be with Hive Insurance services, because they are efficient, helpful and always deal with requests promptly."
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  • Choice of private hospitals – most plans allows you to choose from hundreds of private hospitals throughout the UK, including Spire, BMI, Nuffield hospitals, as well as private wings at NHS hospitals.

  • Choice of consultant – benefit from high quality patient care from the country’s most experienced consultants, surgeons and specialists.

  • Fast access – There are no NHS waiting lists to contend with. Get access to healthcare without delay.

  • Convenience – See a specialist or receive treatment at a time that suits you.

  • Important cancer cover – Access to specialist drugs which might not be available to you on the NHS.



These frequently asked questions apply to both of our private medical insurance plans

How can I switch my current policy?
Switching your health insurance provider can often result in you benefiting from a better deal. What’s more, it’s a lot easier to do than you might think. If you are at the stage of reviewing your current private medical insurance policy, here are a few things you should know about the switching process.
How to switch
If you have an existing policy, you may be able to use CPME (Continued Personal Medical Exclusions) underwriting to transfer your private medical insurance to another insurer and keep the same underwriting terms. This means your new plan will provide cover for medical conditions that were covered under your previous policy. However, any medical exclusions or restrictions that were imposed by your previous insurer will also continue under your new plan. Each insurer will have different criteria for accepting CPME transfers. Some are quite restrictive and may decline you if you have suffered from a particular medical condition, made a claim recently, or are currently undergoing medical investigations. Whilst others will have a more lenient approach. So speak to one of our advisers who can offer expert guidance and help you through this process.
Things to look out for when switching - Deceptive premiums
One of the main reasons people tend to switch their private health insurance policy is to find a lower premium. However, if this is the main reason you are looking to switch, it’s crucial you check the terms and conditions beforehand to ensure the new policy offers your required level of benefits. The policy might be cheaper, but that could be due to the fact it offers less benefits.
Things to look out for when switching - Appropriate cover
Double-check that your new policy will cover you for all of the conditions covered by your current policy. There’s nothing worse than calling to make a claim, thinking your treatment is covered, only to find that it isn’t. This situation is usually avoided by the medical questionnaire you complete as part of CPME Underwriting, but it pays to be cautious so you avoid any unexpected surprises.
Things to look out for when switching - Hospital access
Will the new policy give you access to hospitals covered under your previous policy? This is an important question to consider as the last thing you want is to find that your local private hospital isn’t covered, and you have to drive fifty miles out of your way for treatment.
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