Spend over £100 per week on childcare? You need to read this

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Spend over £100 per week on childcare? You need to read this

The average cost of childcare is more than what British parents spend on food and drink each year, according to a report. But what happens when you can’t maintain them? Read more.

According to research by the Family and Childcare Trust, British parents pay an average of£116 per week for a part-time nursery place.*

That equates to over £6,000 per year which is more – according to the research – than what families spend on food and drink over a year.

Although the report calls for UK governments to ‘commit to making sure that every parent will be better off working after childcare costs’, it doesn’t address what would happen to those childcare costs if parents couldn’t work.

Just imagine being struck off work due to an accident or severe bout of illness and your income came to a grinding halt.

That’s something no parent or family should suffer, particularly those with young children.

How to keep up childcare costs during the hard times

If you had an accident or illness keeping you off work, and it stopped your income, then maintaining childcare costs would be a cause for concern.

You might have to delve into your savings to pay for additional nursery care, or even a childminder or nanny if your injury or sickness prevented you from looking after your children.

That’s where the APRIL UK Lifestyle Protector Plan could prove invaluable.

Cover when you need it, peace of mind when you don’t

The APRIL UK Lifestyle Protector is an ideal protection plan that helps to keep your family safe during times of hardship.

It pays you a monthly lump sum if you are unable to work due to accident or sickness. You could use the benefit to keep food on the table, pay your household bills and, perhaps most importantly, to cover the cost of your childcare. In a few words; it’s invaluable protection for you and your family.

7 key benefits of the Lifestyle Protector

  • Pays you between£300 and £1,500 a month.
  • Benefits start once you have been off work for just 14 or 30 days and are paid back to day one.
  • It’s tax-free and you can spend it on anything you want.
  • You will be paid for as long as you are unable to work, for a maximum of 12 months.
  • Choose these options for extra protection:
    • Life cover £10,000 lump sum
    • Critical illness cover £10,000 lump sum
  • No health or financial questions (including proof of income).
  • Covers all occupations.

What’s more, premiums start from as little as £1.63** per week. This means that it doesn’t break the bank, yet still provides you with invaluable peace of mind.

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*Childcare Survey 2017, Family and Childcare Trust.
** Based on £300 monthly benefit plan, 30-day deferred period, and 12-month benefit period for an individual aged 18-30.

Source: Childcare survey 2017, Family and Childcare Trust

Regulatory disclosure
The Monthly Cost of Short-Term Income Protection for every £100 of Monthly Benefit starts from £2.35. There are other providers of
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