When a morning in the garden resulted in a £7,700 claim

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Accidents can happen anywhere, anytime. Find out how a morning in the garden turned into an excruciating ordeal for Steve.

We all go through life thinking “It will never happen to me” when it comes to suffering an accident. But this scenario suggests otherwise…

What happened to Steve*

Steve was mowing his garden one morning.

Halfway through, the lawnmower came to a juddering halt.

A large clump of grass had tangled in the blades.  Steve bent over to remove the grass but he forgot to cut the engine before doing so.

As soon as the grass came free, the blades spun into life.  But Steve couldn’t get his hand away fast enough…

Three of his fingers were sliced clean off.

How personal accident insurance helped numb the pain

After the initial devastation passed, Steve remembered he had taken out an  Personal Accident Plan.

He made a successful claim – receiving a benefit of £200 for the 5 days spent in hospital and a further £7,500 for the loss of his fingers.

Of course, it could never replace his fingers. But the money provided some consolation and comfort to help Steve get through such a difficult time.

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*Scenario is based on a genuine customer claim.  The injury sustained and claim paid out are true to the actual incident.