When fun on the trampoline turned into a serious £3,300 claim

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November 14, 2017
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Personal accident insurance isn’t just for those into extreme sports or dangerous pursuits. Read Anna’s story to find out more.

Downhill mountain biking…rock climbing…kayaking.

These are the sort of leisure pursuits you naturally expect to have high accident rates.

That’s what makes Anna’s story all the more surprising…

What happened to Anna*

Anna was at a friend’s barbecue one afternoon and decided to go on the trampoline. As she bounced up and down, the very last thing on her mind was suffering an accident.

But unfortunately, that’s exactly what happened.

She fell from the trampoline and landed on the edge of the pool, suffering an excruciating fractured vertebral body of the spine.

How our personal accident plan helped numb the pain

It took a while for Anna to get over the accident – both physically and emotionally.

But then she remembered she had taken out a Personal Accident Plan, and made a successful claim of £3,300. The money provided consolation and comfort to help Anna get through such a difficult time.

4 good reasons you should get a personal accident insurance plan

Just from reading Anna’s story, you can see how accidents can spring out of nowhere and strike at any time. That’s where getting personal accident insurance really pays off.

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*Scenario is based on a genuine customer claim. The injury sustained and claim paid out are true to the actual incident