Our mission and vision

Buying insurance can be complicated, but it really shouldn’t be. So at Hive Insurance Services we’ve set out to do things differently – create a bit of a buzz if you like…

With over 20 years of experience behind us, we’re obsessed with one thing - and that’s making vital insurance simple and accessible to all. And we’re doing this for a good reason - so more people can better protect their lives, making them feel safe, secure and happy.

We're also doing our bit

We feel it’s not enough to simply protect our customers. We’re also deeply committed to protecting the environment and minimising our impact. So every member of the Hive team has signed up to 20 promises to work as sustainably as possible. You can read more about this here.



How we can help you

We offer a range of plans that protect you against life’s unexpected events – from death and serious accidents, through to ill-health – our plans provide important peace of mind and will be there for you when you need it most. Here are some of the plans we specialise in:

Life insurance and Critical illness

Income Protection

Mortgage Protection

Personal Accident Plan

Sports Accident Plan

Medical Cash Plan

Employee benefits



Why Hive? 

“In a Hive, each bee has a symbiotic relationship with all the others. They work together to support each other and the Hive.”

We think this is a fitting description of what we do. In short, we’ve included Hive in our name as it reflects our approach, which is:


• We provide a personal, high quality service that helps to improve the lives of others

• We are a busy and vibrant team, and we work together to achieve our goals

• We take great pride in our work 

• Have a modern and youthful approach to our work and to insurance

• Have a responsibility to protect the environment as well as our customers


Our vision and values

Our vision is simply “To improve our customers’ lives with insurance plans that better protect their future – making them feel safe, secure and happy.”


This is our mantra which we work towards every day. And to help us achieve this, we have a set of values that each member of our team demonstrates:


·         TEAMWORK – we promote an environment in which all voices are heard and respected. We work together as one team to achieve success

·         PASSION – we care about what we do and take great pride in providing the right outcomes for our customers

·         CLEAR AND TRANSPARENT – we don’t hide behind complicated terms or jargon, and we are clear in everything we do

·         EXCEEDING EXPECTATIONS – because our customers deserve more

·         DELIVERING ON PROMISES – to build trust, longevity of relationships and confidence in our products and services