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Maggie Norris of IC & ME Norris Healthplans Partnership is an Appointed Representative of Hive Insurance Services

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Hi, I’m Maggie – I have over 20 years’ of industry experience and specialise in employee benefits, private medical healthcare, health cash plans and income protection. I work with businesses of all shapes and sizes – from family-run to multi-site national organisations.

I am delighted to work with WhoCanFixMyCar garages to help them secure the best deals on protection for owners and employees.

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An introduction to employee benefits

Protect your number one asset – your workforce.

Attractive employee benefit packages are becoming a key factor in recruiting and retaining staff in today’s competitive marketplace. However, finding benefit programmes that have wide appeal, but do not dramatically increase your costs, can be challenging.

This is where I can help you – I provide tailor-made benefit programmes by talking to you – the employer – and your employees, and building bespoke solutions around your needs and circumstances. I have access to a comprehensive range of insurance plans to help keep your employees healthy, cover their routine medical expenses, and protect their lifestyle.

Product range

Here’s a summary of the wide variety of health insurance and protection plans available which can provide you and your workforce with a broad range of benefits:


Private Medical Insurance

Provides access to healthcare at private hospitals

Life And Critical Illness Insurance

Important lump sum protection from death and serious illness

Personal Accident Plan

Provides cash benefits for a wide range of fractures and serious injuries

Medical Cash Plan

Offers cash benefits covering many of your everyday healthcare costs

Income protection

Protection against loss of income in the event of accident, sickness and unemployment

Death in Service

Provides the family or dependents of your employees with a lump sum benefit payment, or sometimes a long-term income, if the employee was to die while in employment

Relevant Life Insurance

If you are the owner of a limited company, you can take out life insurance to protect your family and pay for it through your business. Premiums count as a tax-deductible expense (no P11D implications), so this solution gives you some great tax benefits

How can an employee benefit scheme help your business?

While you can’t list your employees as an asset on your balance sheet, they unquestionably have one of the largest impacts on your bottom line.

By helping to keep them healthy and happy, you’re essentially protecting the lifeblood of your business. Here are five top ways that an employee benefit scheme can support your business:


Helps you attract and retain talented people


Proves you care about their health and wellbeing


Helps to keep your workforce healthy and motivated, which can increase productivity


Keeps employees happy, leading to increased loyalty and reduced staff turnover


Lowers absenteeism and protects your bottom line

How I can add value to your business

When you work with me, you can be assured that I will use my experience and knowledge of the sector to provide you with guidance and support throughout the process. I will take responsibility for all of the work involved in setting up and running the scheme, to minimise the cost and administrative burden to you, the employer. And you’ll be glad to know that our UK-based Head Office will provide you with the highest levels of customer service.

Here’s a summary of how I can add value to your business:


Implement a high quality and effective employee benefit programme, tailored to your company's needs


Demonstrate that you care about your employees' welfare by providing access to important protection plans


Enhance employee engagement with the company


Complement and enhance your existing benefit package


Attract, motivate and retain quality staff, improve staff morale and loyalty leading to improved productivity


Raise awareness of the existing benefits provided by the company

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